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How to ensure your vacation rental gets great reviews

By Inman

Experts say the key to great reviews is setting the right expectations, contemporary design, modern appliances and great amenities.

Vacation and short-term rentals have exploded onto the scene, snatching up the short-term stay market share from the hotel industry in high volumes. But with the presence of so many options – Airbnb these days has nearly four times the rooms for rent than Marriott does – it’s hard to make sure your rental stands out among others.

Many experts in the short-term rental and vacation rental industry shared thoughts with Inman on how to ensure your rental gets excellent reviews and stands out among a crowded field.

“It takes a mix of high-touch service and quality standards to convert a guest experience to a high rating,” Brian Ferdinand, managing partner of CorpHousing Group, a newly-launched national short-term rental operator, told Inman.

“As a national operator for the SoBeNY hospitality platform, CorpHousing Group focuses on the incorporation of contemporary design, modern décor, adequate sleeping arrangements for the unit size and upgraded appliances,” Ferdinand added. “Amenities are also a key focus, like swimming pools and fitness centers, in addition to a standardized level of cleanliness across the portfolio.”

Ferdinand also noted that a streamlined service approach could provide guests with a higher level of autonomy – which is a feature traditional hotels and many competing rentals lack.

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Nov 20, 2020

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